“Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

Fountain Inn Church of God, is a Bible-based and zealous Pentecostal church upstate South Carolina, which was founded in 1937. Marked by the presence of God, Fountain Inn Church is dedicated to bring positivity and revive trust in God all across the world.

Fountain Inn is a community driven by love, faith and hope of God in their heart. We want to fill everyone’s heart with the love of God and make the earth a better place for all God’s believers.

Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart

Message from Our Pastor. February 12, 2021. Category: Faith


Our mission at Fountain Inn Church of God is to share the love of God with everyone. Moreover, we want to make Jesus disciples who will preach the love of God and will bring trust in faith to others. We want people to be healed spiritually, mentally and be empowered in every aspect of life.

In the end, we believe in discipleship as Jesus himself believed in it. We may be a group of diverse and imperfect people but we have one thing in common which is “The love of Jesus.”


The Elders at Fountain Inn Church of God have aforethought a vision that is to, Reach out to the lost Share the love of God with them. And to share Pentecost with this generation.

People have lost close personal relationships with God, we help you reignite this relationship through personal time in God’s Word, regular rhythms of prayer and on Sundays having a morning meeting in the church to share God’s word.

We want you to have a purpose in life, know why you exist and become the person God wants you to be by following the path he has carved for you to make your atonements and make your life happening and lively, along with making a strong community of God’s followers.